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Pikeville High School promotes safety through new “Lend a Hand, Take a Stand” app for smartphones

A new application for smartphones has been developed to combat safety issues for students. Local business Bitsource has created the “Lend a Hand, Take a Stand” app that Pikeville High School’s Principal Jason Booher states that they are implementing at their school. Booher says that this app can be used at any time of the day to report information about weapons, drugs, bullying, and vaping. He also mentions that the app is also linked to the City Police so they can be aware of any situation going on.








Elkhorn City Area Heritage Council receives award for RAM Clinic

The Elkhorn City Area Heritage Council was awarded a certificate of appreciation by State Representative Chris Harris on Thursday due to their help with the Remote Area Medical Clinic that was held in August. President of the Heritage Council Roger Copley says that the services included dental work, medical screenings, vision tests, etc. Donations were taken and volunteers stepped up to assist the community during this clinic. Chris Harris states that the Heritage Council set their sights, set a goal, and went after it.




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